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this community makes me go hot_dayum!

hot_dayum fashion! hot_dayum style!

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This community is called Hot_Dayum for a reason. One because I like the name, and two because its for people that feel confident about themselves, so confident that they can belong to a community called Hot_Dayum! This community is dedicated to the things the moderators of this community love..piercings, tattoos, hair, and fashion. This community is for people of all shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds, and style preferences.

This community was created for confident people to come and share things like: what they wore today, a new make-up style, fashion tips, kick-ass places to shop, a new piercing, a new tattoo, pics that you think are Hot_Dayum! worthy

Do not join this community if you have a problem with the following things: nudity, offensive language (i.e. cursing), fat people, skinny people, piercings, get a kick out of putting others down, are under the age of 18 years old, are a dirty R.Kelly/Michael Jackson type that likes to look at little girls (this is not your peep show!)

Criteria: To join do me, as well as the other moderator a favor and within twenty-four (24) hours of joining post a pic, as well as your age, and a little about you, and what you think makes you so Hot_Dayum! worthy (don't give me any of that "well just look at me" shit, it'll get your skinny/fat ass banned!), after you've joined please for the love of God post in this community at least once a week or I'll kick your ass out!

Note: This is not a rating community, don't treat it as such. However CONSTRUCTIVE critism is allowed, don't take this as permission to rip up another member! I won't tolerate it!